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HR & Benefits | One Simple Portal.

Your Brand. Your Culture. Your Platform.

Your Company is the Star

Benesnap “crowns” your organization with your branding, your benefits and your culture.

No Logins for Key Info

Employees and their families need easy access to their benefits, perks and handbooks. Why hide them behind a firewall?


Communication & Education

Simplify the complexities of insurance, benefits and your internal policies. All in one place, available anytime.

This is full service. Nothing to manage. Nothing to update. 

HR Automation

Focus on people, not process.

New Hire Onboarding

Make their first day fantastic and their first impression, impressive.

Life Events

Life happens. Let employees make changes at their convenience.

Employee Departures

A single click is all it takes. Everything is handled, even COBRA.

Eliminate redundancy, reduce errors, amaze employees.

Employee Benefits

Big benefits for any size organization.

Skip Open Enrollment*

By providing a frictionless benefits education and enrollment process you’ll wonder why open enrollment seemed so difficult before.

Each employee will clearly understand their benefits options and make informed decisions for themselves and their loved ones.

Benesnap never stops working.  Employees use their benefits all year long, not just at open enrollment.  So, communication and support are delivered all year long.

*Benesnap doesn’t allow you to actually skip open enrollment… it’ll just feel like you did.

Keep your plans (or not).

While Benesnap works seamlessly with your existing benefits our skilled brokers can also consult with you to replace plans and programs that aren’t performing.  Additionally, they can recommend options that complement your core plans.

Since Benensap works with every insurance company and benefits provider it’s easy to implement new plans.

Perception is reality.

An employee’s perceived value of their benefits is 50% product and 50% communication.  A benefits program that employees value is one they understand and are engaged in.

Effective communication of your benefits will increase value, without increasing expense.

Using a mix of web, video, print, e-mail, social and even text (SMS), Benesnap reaches employees where they are already engaged.

Employee Benefits

Improve benefits ROI without increasing benefits expense.

HR Support

Sometimes, we all need back-up.


HR On-Demand

Unlimited consulting via e-mail and phone from PHR & SPHR certified HR pros.

Employee Handbooks

Work with an HR Pro to create and customize your handbook.  Already have one? We’ll review it and make recommendations.

HR Library

Unlimited access to up-to-date HR resources. New hire letters, policies, job descriptions, guides and more.

HR Professionals, at your beck and call.

Employee Engagement

Communicate your culture.

Knowledge is Power

Engaged employees understand the big picture and want to come to work.

Mission Defines Culture

Want to reinforce your mission at every opportunity? Benesnap can help.

Retain more. Recruit less.

Engaged employees are loyal employees. Loyal employees attract the best candidates to your organization.

 You don’t need better benefits. You need better communication.


Vendor Management

Best in class, not “best we have”.


Employee Benefits

Benesnap works with any insurance company, any 401(k) administrator and all your current benefits programs.

We’ll add them to the platform and give employees a fantastic experience from initial communication, plan selection and enrollment, as well as on-going support and advice.


Benesnap works alongside any payroll provider, including in-house payroll. No need to update your system or change providers.

If you’re ever considering a change, we offer discounts from the best payroll providers available.

HRIS & Talent Management

Since Benesnap is fully managed, there’s no need to change your HRIS platform.

Don’t have an HRIS (Human Resources Information System)? Many of our small businesses find they don’t need one once they have Benesnap. If there is a need, we can recommend a variety of fantastic systems.

Keep vendors that are working, replace the ones that aren’t.


Benefits Administration

Keep it simple, let Benesnap do the rest.


New Hires

Enter the employee’s name, date of hire and e-mail. Done.


Life Events

Employees can make changes anytime, right through the platform.  HR can also make changes on an employee’s behalf.


Employee Departures

Just enter the last date worked and you’re done.  Seriously.


Current Plans

Any employee can instantly find out what plans they are currently enrolled in, securely and without needing a login!


ID Cards

Order ID cards for an employee or let them do it themselves.  Instantly, directly through the portal.

Find Out How

In 15 minutes, you’ll see how easy HR & Benefits can be.


and here’s more good news . . .

How much will Benesnap cost your organization?

Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.  $0.00 (zero dollars, zero cents)



You are already paying for it.

If your organization has less than 1,000 employees* and you currently offer medical (and other) insurance benefits to your employees then you are likely already paying for all the services Benesnap offers… you just aren’t getting them.

You don’t need to make any changes to your current plans, programs or rates.  You just need to turn Benesnap on and you’ll have the full platform available to you and your employees.


How does that work?

Insurance companies have already built broker commissions into their rates.  In California, the amounts aren’t negotiable for small businesses and don’t vary from broker to broker.  So, the insurance plans you currently have are paying a commission to the broker you’ve authorized on your account.

Benesnap works directly with brokers who use a portion of that commission to provide Benesnap to their clients.


What does this mean for my organization?

This means that there will be no disruption to your current plans and no change to your rates (except for normal renewal rate changes) if you activate Benesnap.

It means that you’ll simplify your entire HR & Benefits administration, communication and enrollment process.

It means that you’ll be working with people with an average of 10+ years in the employee benefits and HR fields to answer questions, assist with claims and strategize the best plan options for your organization and employees.


Are you ready?

Just click on Get It! and we’ll get you set up.


Still have questions?

Request a demo and we’ll answer them.

*Have more than 1,000 employees? 

Contact Us for a review and custom proposal.

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